Audio Amplifier 100W or 130W

Audio Amplifier 100W or 130W

Output can use 2(out=90W) or 4(out=130W) audio power transistors.

PCB and layout

Use T3 on Heatsink
R1120K1/4W Resistor
R23K31/2W Resistor
R35K61/4W Resistor
R43K31/4W Resistor
R5680R1/4W Resistor
R6120R1/4W Resistor
R73K31/4W Resistor
R81K21/4W Resistor
R92K71/4W Resistor
R101K51/4W Resistor
R11680R1/4W Resistor
R12120R1/4W Resistor
R13120R1/4W Resistor
R140,33R5W Resistor
R150,33r5W Resistor
R1610R1W Resistor
R1710R1W Resistor
C110uF16V Electrolytic Capacitor
C2330µF16V Electrolytic Capacitor
C3470uF35V Electrolytic Capacitor
C4150pFCeramic Capacitor
C5100nF100V Polyester Capacitor
D19V1 - 500mWZener
T1BC557PNP transistor
T2BC557PNP transistor
T3BC548NPN transistor
T4BD137NPN transistor
T5BD137NPN transistor
T6BD138PNP transistor
T72N3773NPN transistor
T82N3773NPN transistor
L1coillargest number of turns rolled in R16 with AWG22

Power Supply

Audio Output and Heatsink
T130+30 - 3,5ATransformer
D1-D2-D3-D4Rectifier 5A - 150VDiode
C1-C24700uF50V Electrolytic Capacitor
C3-C4100nF100V Polyester

4 transistors 130 W



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